Hong Kong and Shenzhen are the main Asian hubs for international investors and leading tech companies constantly aiming at fostering innovation and launching disruptive technologies.

The two cities have become part of a larger initiative called Greater Bay Area projected to build an interconnected and seamless space that also includes other urban areas along the Pearl River Delta region such as Guangzhou, Dongguan, Zhuhai, Macau, and Foshan.

An advanced infrastructure network of the latest generation consisting of high-speed trains, bridges, and freeways, has contributed to the rising of a favourable environment for enterprises to thrive and to exploit the potential of a nearly seventy-million-people area, becoming more and more connected to the global economy.

The Greater Bay Area Innovation Road is a four-day event catered to innovative Italian companies willing to explore new market opportunities and internationalisation prospects, creating synergies with Hong Kong and Shenzhen companies through partnerships and technology development.


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