The founders of Link4Success joined together in 2016 in Hong Kong and have since been providers of unique business acceleration solutions.

A multinational and multicultural team of global professionals across many industries with over 300 years of combined experience.

Witnessing a boom in the SME/ early stage company world, where barely a day will not pass without new companies entering the market:

  • We understand the challenges you will face and help you accelerate
  • We help you stand out from the crowd
  • We help you become successful

Our strengths

Partners for your next stage growth


Founding new businesses; Leading global businesses; Innovation management; Scaling new businesses; Founding & managing start-ups


Over 300 years of combined experience in management and innovation; Change management and turnarounds; Sourcing/purchasing; Sales, retail and wholesale.


Investors, manufacturers, retailers, distributors and leading partners in all relevant fields; Companies, start-ups; Over 30000 unique LinkedIn connections

Our Mission

To be your Best Partner in your next Stage growth

Our Values




Companies and Partner companies we are working with or have worked with

The Partners

Sandro Desideri

Founder and Partner Hong Kong and Italy

Sandro is a former GE executive with up to 25 years of leadership, coaching and training capabilities; expertise in operations, management, sales, technical, commercial and delivering projects, structuring multi-million dollar deals, managing channels, introducing innovation and championing customer, OEM and EPC values; 20 of those years have been in Asia in the energy (oil & gas), environmental, smart grid, smart city, and bio-technology, sector. He was the former head of the Green Tech cluster at the Hong Kong Science & Technology Park, where he propelled innovation within the HK tech ecosystem. He has also successfully led start-ups to commercialization.

Leon Bruggeman

Founder and Partner Hong Kong and the Netherlands

Leon is a global entrepreneur with over 26 years of combined experience in sourcing, manufacturing and high-level sales & marketing positions. This has been both for corporations and as founder/owner of several consumer goods companies based in the USA and the APAC region. He is a seasoned networker, an expert negotiator with a global view while recognizing local nuances and being adaptive to different environments & cultures.

Jean Claude Morel

Partner Italy

Jean Claude is a very skilled and experienced leader with more than 30 years of activities in international Business Development. He established a network of first class partners to support and execute, while exceeding expectations, Business Development and Sales Projects in India, HK/GBA, Japan and USA. He is also the director of BizDev, an Italian company that excels in helping Italian and European Companies to grow and expand in the International market. Jean Claude domain expertise is in Healthcare, Robotics, , IT&ITC, Energy & Clean Tech, Smart City & Smart Living, Accessories and FMCG.

simon yim grayscale

Simon Yim

Advisor Hong Kong

Simon is a UK-trained solicitor. He spent 8 years in private practice working as Legal Counsel for the Mitsubishi Bank and China Light & Power in Hong Kong. From 1997 to 2007, he led Asia M&A for Southern Energy and GE Infrastructure (energy, oil & gas, aircraft engines, rail and water technologies). From 2007 up to 2014, Simon was China Partner of The Longreach Group and Managing Director of Lloyds Development Capital. During his career, he has been instrumental in bringing investments of circa US$3BN into Asia. Simon now advises multinationals coming into China and major Chinese companies seeking outbound international investments.

Ron Cutherbertson

Partner Canada and USA

Ron is widely involved in the management of after-market, third-party logistics, distribution and services e-Recommerce, for

the Telecom and consumer electronic industries in North America. He also specializes in global supply chains, M&A, and the strategic business development of the Retail and CPG (Consumer Packaged Goods) sector in North America as an independent Management Consultant and Executive Coach. Prior to this Ron has held senior management roles (including president and CEO) within many Hong Kong and North American companies and committees. He has also held post-acquisition integration positions.

Rodrigo Sanchez

Advisor Dubai

Rodrigo is a Finance and International Relations specialist with over 20 years of experience in high government, diplomatic service and international business in Asia, Europe and the Middle East. Over the course of his 20+ year career he has negotiated international cooperation agreements, coordinated the organization of international events for public and private entities, assisting hundreds of companies in their efforts to explore and open new markets in South East Asia, Japan, the Middle East and Latin America.

Boyd Mulder

Partner Hong Kong and Netherlands

Boyd has more than 20 years of work experience with global and regional business management and marketing positions. Boyd’s expertise lies in business development & sustainability with a focus on scaling up businesses, product management and organizational development. After a long successful stint for Philips, in several executive roles across 3 continents, Boyd managed his own business management and investment company in Hong Kong since 2017 and decided to join forces with Link 4 Success in 2019 .

George Nagatsuka

Partner Japan

George is an innovator, change management and process improvement leader with over 20 years of experience in various GE energy businesses including power generation, energy services, and oil & gas. He has initiated several new business processes and business transformations; and has led organizational culture change by implementing Quality Management Systems across multiple Asia Pacific sites. He has held various Asia Pacific & China regional positions in quality (Six Sigma), channel management, sales, quality assurance, and SAP implementation.  Prior to GE, he was an officer in the US Navy based in Japan.

Alfred Buchner

Partner Hong Kong and Europe

Alfred is an experienced business leader with 20+ years of leadership roles in Sales, Service, Supply Chain and Manufacturing operations. He has also led multiple Organizational Change &re-structuring programs and shaped tailor-made sales strategies for established and emerging markets throughout Asia in direct sales or via local channel partners for GE’s gas engine business. He has worked in a diverse range of industries for corporations of all sizes, including small business owners; mid-size entities (private factories, shopping malls etc..); large MNCs and Public Utilities/ Municipalities.

Dawn Chui

Advisor Hong Kong and China

Dawn is an expert in international partnership and collaboration in innovation and technology, with a background in transportation, mobility and smart city. She focuses in identifying and validating technology projects from Europe and commercializing them in Asia Pacific and China. She was previously Head of Business Development – Mainland China and International at the Hong Kong Science & Technology Park. Prior to that, she was the Head of Asia-Pacific at the International Association of Public Transport based in MTR, Hong Kong, fostering investment in the public transport sector and had worked extensively with authorities across Asia Pacific.

Paul Checa

Partner Mexico

Paul is a very dynamic entrepreneur with a great deal of experience of doing business in Mexico (even though he is the youngest member of the team). He has been interacting between major Mexican enterprises and foreign technology companies finalizing opportunities within Sales & Marketing, Business Development and implementing the Commercialization of various solutions and products. As a result he has successfully launched many new businesses, in addition to developing and/or enhancing his clients’ operational and management skills. Paul is the guy that knows how to connect the dots and make things happen in Mexico.

Ben Beune

Partner Hong Kong

Born in the Netherlands, Ben Beune G.J. Beune Esq. holds a Masters Degree in civil law from the University of Utrecht, the Netherlands. From 1986 he worked in the legal departments of various Philips divisions. In January 2002 he was appointed Senior Vice President of Philips International assigned with the worldwide responsibility for the implementation of the CD and DVD patent license programs. In 2011, Ben was appointed Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of One-Red LLC, a company established by Philips, Sony, Pioneer and LGE for the further implementation and maintenance of those programs. In September 2015 he joined the SISVEL group as Executive Vice President and Chief Licensing Officer, where he has been leading the worldwide implementation of all of SISVEL’s license programs such as for LTE, 3G, WiFi, Wireless and DVB-T. As from January 2018 Ben works as an independent consultant in the field of patent licensing.

Abdelaziz Elbekkar

Partner Morroco

Abdelaziz is a highly capable International Business Consultant, with Sales, Marketing and Business Development experience in Africa, Middle East and Asia. This is coupled with a solid background in Engineering and system development. As such he is able to leverage his expertise to develop strategies to help companies overcome challenges and achieve their goals. This has been accomplished by assisting them to speed up their worldwide globalization processes, and enabled investors to make profitable decisions to increase their market share. These were all realized by the pursuit of international mega projects using his innovative approach that turns such opportunities into success.

Keith Moody

Advisor Hong Kong

Keith has 20+ years of branded communication and Project & Design management experience gained throughout Asia Pacific. He has also worked for companies such The Venetian Macau and Walt Disney Imagineering, as well as being a specialist consultant for other design consultants. Projects have covered strategic planning, conceptual development, client management, implementation and rebranding. He possesses a strong entreprenuerial capability, an ability to quickly assess client direction and requirements and in planning practical outcomes, that blend strategic and conceptual thinking, technical and procurement knowledge to ethically transform organizations.

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